Actress on a Stage






IAT are proud to be working in partnership with @Studio38 to offer an immersive and comprehensive actor training to its students and are looking to welcome new students who are interested in pursuing a career or even furthering their interest in professional acting.

Courses: (term time)

  • Under 16s (tutored by Natasha)

  • Over 16s (tutored by Harry)

The courses at Studio38 will operate on a 12-week basis across three terms, separated into two classes; Acting Techniques (12-16yrs) and Advance Acting Techniques (17+). Students can drop-in to classes at their leisure.

Students on both courses will be taught The Method of acting and will learn the essential process of developing a character, movement, live performance technique and the principles of Stanislavski's 'How an actor prepares'. 


Students will work on dramatic text, duologues, scene work and monologues, all texts and resources will be provided for students by the tutors. Students will be conducting regular showings of work before advancing on to the next term.


@Studio38, 38 Towerfield Road, SS3 9QT