We extensively explore the craft of acting through a set of delicate and specific methods. Following the teachings of live performance technique by Sanford Meisner and the system of acting in the context of an actors rehearsal process by Stanislavski - Immersive Actor Training allow the actor to safely confront difficult subjects and explore openly the many aspects of humanity through the medium of dramatic text and personally sensitive scene work.


Great emphasis is put on the importance of contextual excavation and the full exploration of the imaginative world in which the actor must truthfully live. Once competently achieved, IAT provide the students with a platform from which to play in the depths of their creativity while surrendering to the given circumstances. Our structured weekly sessions hold two core values from which we build a method - to strip back to our animalistic instinct and to trust our observation of one’s self and of others while immersed in another being. We encourage our students to commit to a point of view that they believe in order to bring the imaginative world in which they are trying to authentically live, to life. Trust and respect of each other as actors is taken very seriously and a commitment to tell stories with justice and life. We advocate a safe and trusted environment for our students to make mistakes, challenge each other, listen to their emotional state, listen to their physical state, play with all areas of their creativity and develop as actors. Harry and Natasha are trained in how to reverse bad habits that actors may have adopted which simply get in the way of their creative process and live performative skill and/or talent. We have considerable experience in breaking down inhibitions, lack of self-confidence and the many other hurdles which can prohibit an actor from realising their true potential.


Through constant open dialogue with students, we train the craft of acting in method with a substantial focus on what the actor must do to embody a character within a fictional setting while all the time circumnavigating the irresistible urge to “act”. Once the actor resists this habitual and sometimes instinctive temptation - then do we see a truthful actor who denies nothing. Who acts on truthful impulse and who is brave enough to bring themselves to that role and build the layers upon that crucial base.


  • Sanford Meisner

  • Konstantin Stanislavski 

  • Uniting and actioning dramatic text

  • Lee Strasberg

  • Stella Adler

  • Ivana Chubbuck Technique

  • Ensemble work 

  • Devising techniques

  • Audition technique

  • Screen technique

  • Drama school audition preparation


Group Sessions:

  • Under 16 

  • Over 16

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Private tuition:

All ages

Essex & London (Enquire here)